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Project Description
This project allows you to pass custom POCO's to it, and have it return an instance of the class populated with randomly generated data. This random data can be overridden by convention.

This project has moved to GitHub:

So basically, you create a class and invoke the Hydrator object with that class type. Then call the GetSingle or GetList functions and you are returned an instance of the object populated with realistic data. The idea behind it is to use it to replace a database call to use in your UI.

Presently the generators are pretty simple and can generate limited values, they include:

FirstName - Returns a random english First Name
LastName - Return a random english Last Name
DateTimeGenerator - Returns a random Date within a given range.
AmericanPhone - Returns a randon American Phone Number
AmericanAddress - Returns a random American Address (street part)
AmericanCity - Returns a random American City
AmericanPostalCode - Returns a random Postal Code (including optional +4 component)
Integer Generator - Returns an int within a range
Enum Generator - Define the enum and it will return the string value of a random one
Boolean Generator - Returns a random boolean
AmericanState - Returns a random US abbreviation
EmailAddress - Returns a random email address - Thanks ScottMonnig!
Business Name Generator - Returns a random 3 part business name
URL Generator - Returns random URL based on BusinessName Generator
IPAddress Generator - Returns a random ip address
TextGenerator - Random Greek Text
CountryCode - Random Country Code
ByteArraay Generator
GUID Generator
TypeGenerator - Return a hydrated object of Type
TypeListGenerator - Return a list of objects
PasswordGenerator - Returns a string of random pw characters with length parameter

All values can be overridden so you can do things like fake search results etc...

Currently this is a quick spike for a proof of concept. Thoughts of where this could go is to use MEF to supply different generators etc...

We're currently working on the fluent interface...and as such some generators are not complete yet...they are coming.

Let me know if you want to contribute.

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